What would happen if you were able to truly understand the incredible story of YOU…??

Telling YOUR life story is no longer just for the rich and famous!

Understand the WHY behind how powerful your life story can be and deeply connect you to the people who matter to you the most.

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Welcome to the Story of YOU!

Telling YOUR life story is no longer just for the rich and famous!

Understand WHY your life story matters, to connect with current & future generations of YOUR FAMILY.

Get FREE Instant access to You Are Pure Story - 3 Part Video Series today:


Would you believe me if I told you that our understanding of our ENTIRE UNIVERSE was only possible through the fact that we are natural born storytellers??

This is a simple look at what story is, but what it also means for you as something that exists right at the very heart of who we are, not only as individuals, but also our entire species.

We live in a world saturated by the lives of the rich and famous. There is a falsehood that exists in the world that only these people are worthy of telling their life story.

This video explores this more deeply, and seeks to encourage people to see that their story is something important, that has tremendous power to connect deeply to those within their family, and that power will only get stronger over time.

In this video I talk briefly about the specific moment in my life that inspired LifeBooth, and how that resulted in me helping people to record their life on video. 

We then look at what this can look like in terms of the journey you can take people on. A journey into the past by simply using the camera on your phone, a few cheap add ons, and a little bit of knowhow…

Imagine what would happen if you started telling your OWN story…

Would it allow you to… 

  • Develop deeper relationships with your family members who you care the most about?
  • Span and inspire  generations with YOUR life experience, unique points of view and ideas?
  • Take stock and CELEBRATE your life with the most incredible journey into your past?
  • Gather, digitise, and  protect important things from ‘The Museum of You’? (i.e: family photographs so they are preserved for generations to come!) 

And so much more!


Essentially, my story is like this: 

I have been a professional filmmaker for over a decade, and have worked with household names around the world! 

But something happened when I REALLY dug into the history of story during my PhD Studies. 

I realized that people rarely see the importance of the stories of the people they love, until the opportunity has gone. 

Now, with technology better than ever, I have made it my mission to get YOU to share your story (literally from your smartphone!) so you can be a catalyst for change for generations to come. 

The Videos: What People Said...


Michaela Mott

"You are creating a fantastic opportunity for individuals! So often  we forget ourselves and the impacts of our story in this life. The powerful and positive impact this could have on individuals is staggering. People often don't believe their story is important - but it is!"

Alison Golby

"Beautiful films that gave me little goosebumps of emotion and I also found myself smiling at the screen! It really made me think how important our own story is for future family generations."

Naomi Sparrowhawk

"Totally and utterly superb! Beautifully delivered, thoroughly captivating videos, thought provoking - fascinating! "